NBrace: Neck Brace Support

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Order Process Details

How to order?

Select the text above 'NBrace R2' or the picture of the NBrace to be advanced to the order processing page.

If you have any issues with the on-line ordering experience, please call.

Payment Options

The default option is processed by our partner Stripe. You may also select Apple Pay or PayPal.

If billing address is different than shipping, please note that will be added with payment information section.

Contact Information Required

Information collected is to assure delivery and satisfaction with the NBrace. Order confirmation and shipping data is e-mailed. Maris or our shipping partner UPS will call if there is a shipping concern. 

Maris Health does not tele-market, we promise!

Return Policy

Maris Health understands that neck challenges are very personal. If the NBrace is not embracing, please contact us to see if we can resolve the challenge. If the NBrace is not the solution, we will allow a return with a refund of the NBrace. Please note, we donate all returns to a Love Story foundation to distribute to organizations that provide support equipment to people impacted by ALS.