Frequently Asked Questions About the NBrace

Embracing your Questions

Maris Health embraces questions! If you have a questions that are not answered through the content on this web-site, please contact us. Your questions help you make an informed purchase, help us understand what is important to publish on the web-site, and help other customers- current and future. Thank you and keep the questions coming!

Questions Not Answered: Contact Us

What is the return policy?

Maris Health understands that neck challenges are very personal. If the NBrace is not embracing your neck challenges, please contact us. We want to resolve the challenge, although if the NBrace is not the best solution, we will allow a return with a refund of the NBrace.

Maris Health donates all returns to a Love Story foundation to distribute to organizations that provide support equipment to people in need that are impacted by ALS.

Learn About: A Love Story foundation

Can you wear the NBrace for a long period of time?

Yes, you can wear the NBrace for long period of time or duration. Although, when you first start wearing the NBrace, you may need to work up to that longer duration. Since the NBrace places new pressure on the chest, collar bone and chin area, you may experience a little tenderness at first. This is normal and will subside in a week or two.

If there is too much tenderness or the neck is feeling a little too tight in the beginning, we recommend to start wearing the NBrace without the extensions. Although this does not provide a strong hold, it does provide a little lift and helps the user get more accustomed to the NBrace. Note, this is also a set-up when you are just wanting very little support or you are weaning yourself off a neck brace support through your therapy or recovery.

How do you clean the NBrace?

You can clean the base of the NBrace with mild soap and water using a cloth to wipe the base and extensions. You can also use a pre-moistened  cloth that has a mild cleansing agent. To dry, wipe it down with a soft dry cloth or let it sit to air dry. 

If you want to clean the hook and loop strap, it is best to use a clean old rag or a cloth that does not have a lot of pith, as you want to assure that the extra threads or material does not stick to the hook and loop. It is best to air dry or use  a cool setting (no heat) of a hair dryer.

What if the strap losses the strength of 'stickiness'?

If this happens, follow the instructions above and clean the strap and see if that improves the strength of stickiness. If not, please contact us or order a new strap at the Maris Health on-line shop.

This loss of stickiness has been reported more often by our women customers. We are assuming this is due to product and/or length of hair. These items may be getting into or coating the hook and loop and impacting it.

Order: New NBrace Strap

What if a larger extension is needed?

The NBrace is shipped with five (5) different extension sizes, but if you need larger extensions for a greater head lift, we are happy to send them to you, for a minimal cost to cover shipping and packaging. Only about 5% of our customer base has needed these larger extensions, which is why we do not include them as part of the standard shipment.

Future Enhancements For the NBrace

Embracing Enhancements

Maris Health embraces your feedback and ideas for enhancements! We are continuously looking for opportunities to improve the NBrace. That is why we ask our customers to provide reviews and feedback. We only can improve if we hear from those wearing or supporting those wearing the NBrace. 

We post both frequently asked questions and future enhancements recommended  to help our customers improve their current experience and research if the NBrace is the right solution for them. 

Please note, these enhancements often take time to develop and test and Maris Health cannot commit to a date of release. 

Hook and Loop Stick

A few women customers, have contacted us about the hook and loop strap loosing the strength of 'stickiness.' This may be due to the fact that longer hair and more product (hair and/or skin) gets into the material. Recent changes in the NBrace R2 has provided a softer velour hook and loop that is interchangeable. This has provided improvement, as a new strap is easily replaced. We, though, are still evaluating new material as an option for improved strength, comfort, and longterm use.

Ideas for Enhancements: Contact Us