ALS DID Not Stop Our Passion and Business Journey

It made business more meaningful...

Maris Health was created to provide inspirations, solutions and products to ease and support daily activity of living and quality of life that enhance overall health. Our passion to build Maris Health came from our own personal daily challenges living with and being impacted by ALS. We were constantly running up against new challenges and having troubles finding the right solution. Being of strong business mind and entrepreneurs, we started which truly has been a  faith led journey to follow our passion and use our God given gifts to help others live life to the fullest and avoid as many struggles as possible.  

Maris Health's headliner product is the NBrace.  Rick experienced significant neck pain and neck drop.  After being prescribed the standard medical neck brace and trying almost everything on the market, we found a neck brace design that worked the best for Rick. We were so encouraged of the potential with the design that we bought all rights to the neck brace support from Mr. Shane P. of Shane's Neck Brace, and started the Maris Health journey.

Rick went Home and is fully restored and retired. He now guides me from above, but the purpose and passion has not changed. Maris Health's goal for 2019 is improve and expand and to make a more significant impact in helping those who are struggling daily.  

We hope that Maris Health embraces you with neck support and helps improve the quality of your life!