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NBrace: The Embracing Neck Brace Support


Maris Health NBrace



The NBrace is a low profile neck brace support that allows for more natural movement of the head while still providing embracing neck support. The NBrace is made of flexible synthetic tubing and cushioning support, and therefore it is light weight and water resistant.  The NBrace supports most neck challenges that require neck support. In addition to standard neck support, the NBrace helps and assist with posture, aids in balance, and supports neck muscle fatigue.  The Maris Health NBrace is designed to support the most active of individuals to those who require more embracing support and are required to be inactive.



The NBrace comes in three different sizes and comes with five extension lengths to accommodate the most comfortable fit.  The extension lengths allow the user to heighten or shorten the NBrace for the desired head lift.

To determine the best size, measure the circumference of the middle of the neck.

Small: 12 - 14.4 inches

Medium: 14.5 - 16.5 inches

Large: Over 16.5 inches



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